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IDEAL: I DEALcollaborates directly with nine major banks in the Netherlands: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, ING, Knab, Rabobank Regio Bank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and van Lanschot.

After the consumer has selected iDEAL as a payment the bank will be selected. The actual payment will then take place in the familiar surroundings of the website of the bank. In this environment, the bank guarantees the safety. Buyer and seller are assured of a transparent transaction, no hidden costs

AfterPay - Digital Invoice (Netherlands) AfterPay carries for [www.kadoinhuis.nl] the entire payment process afterwards. This means that you will receive an invoice from digital AfterPay via e-mail to pay the purchased product (s). You can come to [www.kadoinhuis.nl] pay with a digital invoice to an amount of € [150.00] if you pay for the first time digital invoice. Are you AfterPay you can pay an amount of € [250.00] .Ter approval of your request to pay with electronic invoice AfterPay performs a data check. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in itsprivacy statement.In the unlikely event your request for payment by giro are not authorized, you can of course pay to buy product with another payment method. You can always ask to contact Afterpay. For more information, please visit theconsumer sectionof the official AfterPay website.

Paypal: Fast, safe payment online? PayPal makes it possible: with no fuss every time credit card numbers or addresses fill, you pay with your email address and password.

Mastercard / Visa: Do you make a purchase from an online store that supports MasterCard SecureCode? Automatically displays a screen prompting you to enter your password. By entering your password, you confirm the purchase.

GiroPay: Giropay
is an online payment platform of the German banks that the existing German system of online banking is based, especially for use in E-Commerce environments was ontworpen.Giropay resembles the Dutch iDEAL.

Maestro: Starting now you can use your Maestro card to shop online. All you need is a secure code, a unique code that allows you to pay online as safe as your PIN code in a store.

If your card is issued by one of the participating banks, please contact your bank to ensure that you can shop online with your Maestro card. Once your card is activated, your bank sends you a means of authentication, if you have not received it yet. This can be a Personal Card Reader (personal card reader) or Digipass and this is required for every online purchase you make. With these simple tools in the hand your card and your authentication method-are you ready to shop online!

Sofort Überweisung: SOFORT Überweisung is an online direct payment method and works on the basis of tried-and-tested online banking. The big advantage is: You don't need to register or open a virtual account, known as a wallet. It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds. Customers who select SOFORT Überweisung as their preferred method of payment for an online purchase will be directed straight to the secure sofort.com payment form. All transfer data is carried over automatically so that you only need to enter your bank's sort code along with your usual online banking login details and finally the confirmation code in order to authorise the transfer. All information delivered to your bank in an encrypted form. The online merchant receives confirmation of the transfer order in real time and can dispatch the goods promptly. This means there's no waiting time before the goods are sent, as is the case with payments in advance (by means of a bank transfer) for example. 

You can use V PAY to make payments or withdraw cash anywhere in Europe.
You are protected by the latest chip card technology

V PAY is from Visa Europe , the leading payment system in Europe, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of European consumers, retailers, banks and payment service providers. V PAY also benefits from Visa Europe’s investments in innovation – such as contactless, mobile and secure online payments.

Millions of V PAY cards are issued by banks in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland – and more are joining all the time.

Bank transfer: You do not have internet banking?

Then there's always the familiar bank transfer. Kado in Huis offers everyone the opportunity to pay the purchase price itself through your own bank.

Pros and cons
The advantage of a bank is that you have the payment in your own hands.
The disadvantage is that a bank is often a slightly longer processing time.